Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Run has Begun! ...and so has the FLOOD.

Come get your Steelhead on with River Ninja Outfitters.

Steelhead are entering rivers all over the west side of Michigan. Fishing has been good as of late. The quantity and density of fish is only going to improve from now until the end of the year. Early Fall is the perfect time to get your butt kicked by a chrome torpedo.

Indicator Fishing and Swinging have both been producing ferocious strikes. Fall is a great time to learn a new tactic, because we receive positive feedback from aggressive fish. These fish have not been pressured by anglers and low water for months. They are eager to take in calories for their journey up stream.
As I began writing this blog/report the other night, it had been raining for 28 hours straight in Baldwin, MI. So, if you have not already seen, the West Michigan Rivers are blown out. Be careful, and don't get in over your head. When the water comes up this high to FLOOD STAGE the fish all shift and are not always in the same places. I would advise you to not go out in the FLOOD waters to fish.

That having been said, the fishing has been good. Set up your fishing trip for the first week of November, as the water should have receded by then. This high water and wind/storm front should bring a ton of fish into every river in the West side of Michigan. I love this time of year, let's share a day on the water this Fall.

Call Alex @ (989)802-1125 for in depth information on what rivers and tactics are working best for that week. We will hook you up with the up to date information. Book a trip today and learn the tactics firsthand.